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Sustainable, Digital & Human

Business banking

Does your bank share your values? We do!

Banking with us you can be confident that your money is safe and is doing good for people, the environment and making the world a better place. So, if you would like your money working to generate positive impacts in people and the environment, join us in this powerful movement for good.
We believe good business and ethics go hand in hand. We are proud to align our services with companies that contribute positively to social, economic, and environmental impacts and responsibilities to pursue the social good.

At the core of our value system is a belief in ethics. This means we do not provide banking services to organizations and business which their practices do not fit with our core values. This may include, for example, businesses involved in producing or trading weapons, tobacco, pornography, fur or environmentally hazardous substances. It also includes the gambling and mining industry, animal testing and inhumane farming methods and corruption or support for dictatorial regimes.


Change can begin with one small seed


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Responsible BUSINESS Account

We truly believe in promoting sustainable development through supporting entrepreneurial business driven by values and ideas.

Our Responsible Business Checking Account is designed for all your basic business needs required to keep finances clear and straight forward.

Manage your day-to-day checking account online, by personalized attention.

Apply for an Areti Bank account in minutes with our 100% digital sign up. Save the earth, stay green, remain efficient.

Acces your account on mobile or descktop and connect to your accounting software.

Get personalized 24/7 via our dedicated customer service.


Sustainable, Digital & Human

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