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#LearnSustainability: Energy Mix

Do you know what the energy mix is? We explain the concept and its meaning in this infographic A primary energy source is any form of energy available in nature before being converted or transformed. There are different types of primary energy: those coming from fossil fuels (mainly coal, oil and natural gas), which take […]

Debunking Myths About Renewable Energy

evelopment of renewable energies is essential if we want to slow down climate change and fight for all the planet’s inhabitants to have access to electricity. Renewable energies differ from fossil fuels in that they are inexhaustible, varied and consist of viable options for all corners of the planet. But, most importantly, renewable energies do not pollute. A key 2030 […]

What Are PPAS? Clean Energy From One Company to Another

PPAs are an evolutionary leap towards a sustainable global economy, a clean energy transition from one company to another. Sustainability and environmental commitment are, fortunately, starting to become one of the pillars of business activity. The responsibility assumed by organizations includes initiatives to reduce water consumption and their carbon footprint, boosting the circular economy or the disinvestment in […]

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