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Our Business Model

We didn't invent the wheel,
we just use it for a better purpose

How areti works?

We are a bank for people who care about the role their money has in the world. We believe in a new kind of bank more responsible with people and the environment, more sustainable, but without putting customer needs aside.

Areti Bank invests in ecofriendly people and projects. With our unique vision, we invite you to review our offerings intended to encourage sustainable development.

Areti Bank strongly believes in offering you a new kind of bank in which our focus is on partnering, inviting, come together, to you create a more sustainable (future, society, world, economic) environment. 

At Areti we focus in empowering
you to contribute to a build
a beter world

Our Business Model

Our business model consists in transform capital inputs from our depositors and investors and transforming them into positive impacts that benefit people and the environment and contribute with the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement.

At AretiBank we support the vision that prosperity and well-being for all, within the Earth’s ecological limits, will be possible through sustainable development pathways expressed in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We believe that financial institutions must contribute significantly in achieving a sustainable economy. Given our role as intermediaries and the resulting influence on other industries, we are committed to activating our mission to align financial support with the SDGs and promoting sustainability across industries, sectors, and communities.

The future of our planet depends on the responsible decisions we make today

The way we consume matter:

What we buy, what we eat, how we bank, how we invest

Our lending focus

Our lending model is focused on activities that contribute to positive impact to people and the environment this focus in mind, we have developed a strategy based in three macro-areas:

To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement we need to decarbonize large swathes of the global economy. We believe that opportunities in funding energy efficiency exist in a wide variety of industrial and retail segments as infrastructure, manufacturing, housing, building maintenance, and rural and urban municipalities. 

At Areti we support business and initiatives that use environmental technology (ea. Recycling, clean energy) in its production process.  As regulatory frameworks are emerging, the demand for equipment and financing of clean production process improvements will grow exponentially in the years to come, and we want to contribute to accelerate the change.

Transforming consumption and production patterns towards sustainability requires shifting financial flows from brown to green.  Cleaner production is an integrated strategy to maximize benefits by making a more efficient use of natural resources (materials, energy, or water) in manufacturing and service industries, while minimizing waste and emissions.

At AretiBank we promote “green consumerism” as a way of creating a balance between consumers and businesses, within the context of environmental protection. Economic change always starts with the customer demanding change. We believe that a sustainable economy requires changes in the way we consume.  People have an extraordinary power for change in their purchasing decisions. 

Your action for a
better world starts here

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