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Sustainable, digital & human

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A bank that share your values!

By Banking with us you can be confident that your money is safe and is doing good for people, the environment and making the world a better place.

So, if you would like your money working to generate positive impacts in people and the environment, join us in this powerful movement for good.

Partner with us

We are on a mission to change banking for good. We truly believe sustainable banking can make the difference. So, we need you to help generate buzz and spread the message. By becoming an Areti Bank customer, you are joining a movement for good and get rewarded. All you have to do is refer a few friends or a business which shares our values.

Become a bank’s ambassador

Becoming an AretiBank Ambassador is the opportunity for entrepreneurs, business leaders, celebrities, and influencers, to put their values in action to achieve a better world and get rewarded for it. Becoming an Areti Bank Brand Ambassador is the opportunity you get paid for talking about something you already love and get rewarded for doing good. ​

Be part of our marketplace

Being part of Areti Bank means being a part of a network of businesses, consumers and investors dedicated to growing a more sustainable economy.

Areti BankMarketplace will be a community of environmentally ethical and socially-responsible small businesses and conscious consumers working together to build a more sustainable society.

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