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Personal Banking

Do you know what your bank does with your money?
Does your bank share your values?

We do. Banking with us you can be confident that your money is safe (or is in good hands) and is doing good for people and the environment (is making the world a better place).

So, if you would like your money working to generate positive impacts in people and the environment, join us in this powerful movement for good.

Virtue Checking Account

A checking account design with conscience on the baking features people need today but built in values for those who care about the environment, people, and the society.

We do not lend to or invest our client money in fossil fuel companies or projects like pipelines, oil rigs and coal mines. Also, we do not lend to or invest in companies or organizations that promote hatred or racial discrimination, gambling, fur industry, pornography, tobacco, and weapons industry.


The Areti way to do banking

Virtue Saving Account

Our efficient approach to banking means you can enjoy the immediate access to your money anywhere, anytime while your money is making the change for good.

Virtue Saving Account is a powerful savings account that bring you control about the impact your money has in the world, including what companies and activities it supports.

Enjoy full transparency

When you save with us, you always will
know how your money is being used to
achieve this positive change

Sustennials Saving Account

The only accounts designed to the generation to come. The sustennials. Let’s help the future generation to become part of the solution for problems the planet is facing today and help then change the world for the better.

Aretibank has coined the term “Sustennials” to identify an important focus of our mission… Sustainable Millennials. Sustennials are focused on a better tomorrow, while Aretibank provides financial support to help them make this a reality.


let’s build a better tomorrow,
for the generations to come

Areti Bank is banking for


We are making it easier for people to align their good intentions with their good values to achieve a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. Enjoy a fully-digital and 100% paperless bank account with the smoothest and easiest account-opening processes. Open your account in as little as 3 minutes! Apply online in minutes.

One of our core values is transparency. In AretiBank we are transparent about fees and charges and keep them at reasonable levels. This means no hidden or rip-off fees are charge to our client. (See our fee schedule)

Make payments, get your statements, and keep track of your balance and your daily card use and spending anytime, anywhere via Areti mobile app, and your online banking. 

Whenever a payment leaves or enters your account, we will let you know immediately.

Open an account and receive with your planet friendly kit, the most eco-friendly debit card in the world, made from recyclable and biodegradable material, and get a pollinator-friendly seed with instructions to plant it. (How it work?)

Earn cash back rewards, discounts or reward points when you spend with your Areti Virtue debit card at environmentally friendly businesses which share your values. (Visit or marketplace).

If you need us, whenever you need us, we are there. Just get in touch via phone, email or chat and our friendly customer service team will do their best to help.

Link your checking with your kids saving account (Sustennials Saving Account) and start your program “keep the change” for their future. (how it works)

  • See all your accounts in one overview.
  • Check your balance and recent transactions in real time.
  • Set up text alerts to help you monitor your balance and spending.
  • Make payments and send wires new and existing payees
  • Discover Areti Bank customers near you.
  • Receive notification about offers, discounts, and rewards from our community marketplace.
  • Log in using Passcode, Token, Touch ID or Face recognition.
  • Card support 24/7.
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